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What is residential care?

Residential care refers to long or short term care provided to adults in a residential care home setting rather than at home. Residential care can be for anyone who requires assistance with their daily activities.

Here at Winterfell Care Home we offer residential care to a wide range of individuals in an environment which is homely, comfortable and secure. At Winterfell Care Home we offer residential care to the elderly over 65 as well as adults over 18. We also cater for users with disabilities, dementia needs or individuals who require mental health support. Please feel free to use the contact us page or call to find out what other residents we are registered to support here at Winterfell.

At Winterfell Care Home you will find all your care requirements will be met to an exceptional standard. We offer high levels of personal care 24 hours a day all year round. Winterfell Care Home is a modern looking accommodation with luxury in mind. We have an onsite chef and all meals are nutritionally well balanced and freshly prepared each day. Our home has a carefully planned range of activities to encourage residents to continue doing the things they enjoyed doing in their own home or provide an opportunity to engage in new hobbies. We believe that it is all about listening to people’s individual interests and capabilities and then focusing on implementing them. As part of our service we offer an in house laundry and cleaning service throughout the day and an appointment service in our salon or massage room. We also have sociable lounges, games rooms and quiet rooms if preferred along with gardens for our residents to enjoy.

Respite Care

In the UK there is over a million people who look after an elderly parent or loved one in their own home, either part time or full time. We understand that it is a satisfying and rewarding thing to do, but we are also aware that proving this type of care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can take its toll and become increasingly challenging emotionally and physically for carers.

We understand this but want to be able to support this important role carers at home play, that is why Winterfell Care Home offer respite care, we offer regular respite care, be it as a one off, for emergency placement reasons or every so often.

Arranging respite care with us give carers an opportunity to take a well-deserved break from ones usual routine or it gives a loved one time to take a holiday or any other type of necessary absence secure in the knowledge that your loved one is being cared for in warm and friendly environment. Respite stay is also a great opportunity for someone who is considering long-term care to get to know our home and the team through a trial stay before becoming a permanent resident. It may be possible to book respite stays in advance at our home.

Our aim with respite care is to continue as closely as possible the support each person receives when they are at home with their regular carers. To help this process, we will arrange a meeting to assess the individual’s care needs and understand their personal wants and wishes and create a care plan around this to ensure it is person centred.

Ensuring everyone is treated as an individual.

We will always use the approach whereby we find out what the residents individual needs are and ensure that we have the right team in place to deliver the appropriate care. We’ll make sure they feel at home by helping them settle in quickly, we will ask about likes and dislikes, hobbies and routines and make sure the care we offer suits the needs of a resident

We personally take Care in getting to know you.

At Winterfell, we believe that caring isn’t just a term that gets thrown around. We ensure we live it through our actions for our residents and ensure that this is shown through the passion our team have in everything they do, every day, for everyone.

Dementia & Mental Health

When a family member is diagnosed with dementia or a mental health condition it can be an overwhelming experience. There are more than 800,000 people in the UK living with dementia and statistics show every 3.3 minutes someone else will develop this condition.

At Winterfell we understand the high demands dementia care places on families caring for loved ones that suffer this. Through our personalised care programme and registered manager with over 15 years' experience in caring for dementia patients we are in a position to deliver the best possible care.

We ensure families have an understanding about dementia, the needs of the dementia patients and what our care provides for them. When you place one of your loved ones with us we offer a short dementia seminar for you, your friends and family. All of the families that have enrolled on our short dementia briefing have found it to be very beneficial; giving them an insight to dementia, what it is about, what it consists of and showing them it is nothing to be troubled by because we are here to help.

Our Dementia seminar is free to all families of the home. This is one of the ways here at Winterfell we involve our family members in the life of the home and their loved ones. We endeavour to maintain the way residents have lived their lives and continue this by recognising hobbies they enjoy, the music they love listening to and ensuring they are happy whilst staying with us.

Personal care plans, and “This is Me” forms are the basis of the way care will be delivered, ensuring they are person centred. Activities are tailored to individual abilities and preference to keep residents as mentally and physically fit as possible, this encourages engagement and motivation.

Palliative/End of Life Care

Palliative care is the care of people with an illness which could be considered a terminal condition that has become advanced, progressive and incurable.

We understand this is a difficult circumstance to be faced with alone which is why at Winterfell we offer our palliative care option providing end of life care for chronically and terminally ill people. We appreciate that this will be a difficult and upsetting time but we are here to help and provide the best quality of life for both residents and their family members.

Our qualified and caring staff will assist you and your loved one in any way possible, and at all times ensuring we maintain the dignity of our residents. We aim where possible to improve quality of life for residents and their families. During this difficult and upsetting time, our dedicated staff will ensure dignity, respect and care is provided. All of our staff members are highly skilled and trained to deliver the highest standards of palliative care, using active care methods to improve pain and symptom control; promote dignity and choice.

We work closely with residents, friends, families, carers, GP’s, care home team’s and district nurse teams as well as hospitals to provide a complete care package and managing the well-being of the resident while controlling pain and other symptoms wherever possible.

Person Centred Care Plans

Our person-centred care approach at Winterfell means you will be respected as an individual and treated with dignity at all times during your residency, this is one of our main priorities. We understand everyone’s needs differ in the care industry, therefore each of our residents have their own person centred care plan.

Creating Your Own Person Centred Care Plan

We believe everyone is unique and you should have your own unique person centred care plan which is made just for you and tells those who are supporting you in your stay with us what we need to know about your care needs, preferences and capabilities. We believe in order to deliver the best care experience for each individual is to follow the saying “the little things matter”, because they really do, they make us who we are we do not want to lose sight of this. We always strive to ensure that as well as the important things, the little things are taken care of too.

This is why our person centred care plans are vast in detail and cover each aspect of one’s care needs all the way from medication requirements to hobbies and we are proud to have such a detailed personal care plan approach which will helps us to create the best care experience for you.

Families and the resident review care plans on a monthly basis as well as the management team who carry out internal reviews consistently to ensure they are always fit for purpose.

Sleep In & Sitting Service

Our ‘Sleep In and Sitting Service’ is similar in many aspects to our Residential Care Services in that it provides the same aspects of care but it can be tailored to when you require the care. For instance, you may require a few hours in an afternoon to help you relax and enjoy our activities, or you may need an occasional night here at Winterfell to help you unwind and have everything done for you. Once a week, once a fortnight or monthly if you like; Winterfell can cater to your needs. Alternatively, if you’re looking after your loved ones and you need a bit of time to yourself you can drop your loved ones off and enjoy time to yourself or to focus on other things which require your attention whilst knowing your loved ones are being cared for.

The Cost of Care

The cost of residential care varies and all depends on your care needs. It will also depend on the care home you choose and duration of care needed. Here at Winterfell we do not ask for top up fees like other homes, we offer the same facilities and services private care homes offer but adhere to Nottingham City Council rates; so, we do not charge any more than what the Nottingham City Council suggest and believe this allows a wider variety of potential residents to stay with us. Our prices include: 24-hour residential care, your own personal bedroom, utility bills, council tax, activities, meals, snacks and refreshments, laundry and cleaning services, arranging optician appointments, audiology services, physiotherapy to name but a few.

Certain aspects are not covered in the cost of care such as chiropodist*, hairdressing, massage therapy and physiotherapy*. If you would like these services then please contact us and we can add these to your individual plan of care. Please contact the home for pricing of these services.

* These services could be free depending on your care needs, requirements and circumstances.


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